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Preserve Woods

Preserve Woods
Product Detailed

quite a few kinds of treated wood for choice
dimension can be customized
Can be connect with Aluminium no erosive

Preserve Woods


Treating solution is applied to timber products in an Industrial controlled treatment process using vacuum pressure impregnation, shown below, Products must be Air or Kiln dried after treatment to ensure the properties of treated wood are maintained.



Lighter and fresh nature hue compared with ACQ and CCA.

Lower erosiveness, good for indoor and outdoor use.

Can be connect with Aluminium no erosive.

Dye easily, can be dyed any color.

Heavy environmental suitability, apply to indoor or outdoor ground, moisture weather, fresh water, etc.


Ware a dust mask and goggles when cutting or sanding wood

Ware gloves when working with wood.

Some preservative may migrate from the treated wood into soil/water or may dislodge from the treated wood surface upon contact with skin. Wash exposed skin areas thoroughly.

All sawdust and construction debris should be cleaned up and disposed of after construction

Do not burn preserved wood.

Wash work clothes separately from other household clothing before re-use.

Preserved wood should not be used where it may come into direct contact or direct contact with drinking water, except for uses involving incidental contact such as fresh water docks and bridges.

Do not use preserved wood for mulch.

Only preserved wood that is visibly clean and free of surface residue should be used.

Do not use preserved wood in direct contact with aluminium.

If wood is to be used in an interior application and becomes wet during construction, it should be allowed to dry before being covered or enclosed.

lDisposal Recommendations: Preserved wood may be disposed of in landfills or burned in commercial or Industrial incinerators or boilers in accordance with National and Regional regulations.

If you desire to apply a paint, stain, clear water repellent or other finish to your preservative treated wood, we recommend following the manufacturers instructions and label of the finishing product. Before you start, we recommend you apply the finishing product to a small test area before finishing the entire project to ensure it provides the intended result before proceeding.

PFD preserved wood is compatible with most coatings, glues and sealants and can normally be coated with test area before finishing the entire project to ensure it provides the intended result before proceeding. The preserved wood may be glued with resorcinol, phenol/resorcinol or urea formaldehyde glues. The preserved wood is compatible with most sealants and mastics, always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Certain metal products (inc fastener, hardware and flashing) may corrode when in direct contact with wood treated with copper based preservatives. To prevent premature corrosion and failure it is important to follow the recommendations of the manufacturer for all metal products.

Mould growth can and does occur on the surface of many products, including treated or untreated wood, during prolonged surface exposure to excessive moisture conditions. To remove mould from treated wood surfaces, wood should be allowed to dry. Typically, mild soap and water can be used to remove surface mould.

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